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Banyumas Typical Traditional Kue Pukis

September 7, 2015

Banyumas Typical Traditional Kue Pukis - For that we will try to share a delicious mango pudding and fresh strawberry for you. you can already imagine how fresh strawberry fresh fruit pieces exist in every bite of this mango pudding. fresh, chilled, sour, sweet really makes the tongue does not want to stop shaking. This recipe we found in the group of Mother Zezama BRM cuisine Vie, after we made it felt really good.

Mango pudding Stawberry which has beautiful colors are created from a variety of fruit in it quite tempting. besides strawberry, fruit stuffing can be customized with your resep kue pukis yes. such as melons, canned lychees, pieces of apple, watermelon, kiwi or mixed canned fruit as we use in this recipe. so you could say the pudding is not regular but mango pudding, also called Mango Pudding Pudding Fruit or fruit toppings.

Well, whatever it is clear straberry mango pudding is mandatory for you to test. well, to see ingredients and how to make it, please refer Strawberry Mango Pudding recipe like the following.

Underlay material Pudding:
Gelatin powder 1/2 plain packs
50 grams sugar
Water 100 milli liter
Strawberry 50 grams (cut into small squares)
Canned mixed fruit 50 grams

Top layer material Pudding:
Ripe mangoes 500 grams (cut into pieces and blend with a 500 milli liters of water)
150 grams sugar
Plain gelatin powder 1 packet

Vla Vanilla Pudding Sauce Ingredients:
250 grams sugar
400 milli liters of hot water
Salt to taste
Vanilla powder 1 packet
2 tablespoons cornstarch (dissolved in a little water)

How to Make a Strawberry Mango Pudding:
Bottom layer: The first step procedure strawberry fruit resep pancake durian pieces and fruit prints of the bottom of the mix and set aside.
Furthermore, the material boiled gelatin, sugar and water to boil. then pour little by little dough gelatin into a mold that has been filled pieces of fruit, let stand until half frozen.
The top layer: boiled mango smoothed earlier with sugar, salt, vanilla powder and gelatin until boiling. then pour over the pudding layer down little by little with the ladle, then bekukkan.
Vanilla custard filling: Cook the custard filling the entire material to mature and explode, remove and let cool.
Enter jelly into the fridge to make it fresh and serve with sauce to make it more makyus custard filling.

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